Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Night in Bethlehem

December 5, 2009

Let All Cedar Ridge Ward Citizens Take Heed:
By order of his Royal Majesty, the Emperor, it was decreed that all the world was to be counted and taxed. Therefore, each person & family celebrated the spirit of Christmas with “A NIGHT IN BETHLEHEM”.

All citizens arrived in Biblical Attire, and brought blankets for their families to sit on in the crowded marketplace, where they found rest and refreshment after their long journey.

Each family had photographic evidence taken of their Census Registration, and paid their taxes with canned goods, which were donated to the Idaho Falls Food Bank.

Tours of the City of Bethlehem were offered, where citizens could visit with the Innkeeper, the Shepherds, the Wisemen, and Joseph & Mary with the Baby Jesus.

A great night for everyone!

Pictures of this historic event can be found at

Thank you to all who helped and to those who joined us in our fantastic Night in Bethlehem.

- Activities Committee

Friday, November 20, 2009


So many kids, so much candy - and a whole lot of fun! It was a little cold, but no one seemed to mind. Plenty of hot chocolate, cider and corn dogs...not to mention sugar!

The Three Amigos - and their Toys
Clowning Around
Warming Up

Treating ...
Some BIG kids!
Thank you very much...
Sharing with my brother...
Good Puppy...
Fun and Games with the Young Women
Everyone loves a clown
More Candy, please...
Making Par
And Looking for the 18th Hole
Aaaaargh, Mateys
Chow Time
Make a wish...
May the Force be with you!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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